Spousal Abuse Offenses

Being accused of domestic violence in the state of Pennsylvania cannot be taken lightly. Many of the accusations of domestic abuse made in the state are nothing more than spiteful allegations that are hastily made without thinking of the repercussions.

Unfortunately, law enforcement officers don't see it this way, and when a call to the police is made and domestic violence allegations accompany it, an arrest will almost always follow. Domestic abuse is defined as a pattern of abusive behaviors that are performed against one partner in an intimate relationship by the other.

Couples that are married, dating, cohabitating, or anything else are all susceptible to state and national laws related to domestic violence charges. Domestic violence can manifest in many forms, including physical aggression, verbal threats, emotional abuse or negligence, stalking, economic deprivation, and intimidation.

However, allegations of domestic violence often do not reflect the true conditions of such a circumstance, as defined above. Therefore, when you have been accused of this type of criminal offense, it will be imperative that you immediately align yourself with our firm.

According to the law, domestic violence is not limited to clear-cut signs of abuse. In fact, many of its manifestations can take shape in behaviors that are less than easy to identify. Allegations of criminal coercion, trespassing, unlawful imprisonment, endangerment of any sort, and kidnapping could all potentially fall under the classification of domestic violence, and some of these are exceedingly difficult to prove or disprove.

No matter what the circumstances of your case may be, you should not wait to obtain a criminal defense attorney that can work to protect you against the consequences that will be incurred if you are formally found guilty and convicted of the crimes for which you have been accused.

Fight the Allegations

Mack & Stephens is a Luzerne County criminal defense law firm serving areas throughout Pennsylvania. If you have been accused of a criminal offense in the state, whether or not you are guilty of the allegations that have been brought against you, we urge you to contact our firm as soon as possible.

Our legal teams consist of professionals that have been identified as some of the best in the field. When you choose to work with an associate from our firm, you will be paired with a member from our team that has extensive training in criminal defense matters of every kind.

From allegations of domestic violence to kidnap, we are here to support you as you navigate your way through the legal institution of the law. We have been doing precisely this for more than 40 years. Having handled thousands of defense cases throughout Luzerne County, there is virtually nothing that we are unable to take on when it comes to defending you against the allegation you are facing.