Information from a Luzerne County Drug Crime Attorney

Have you been charged for a drug crime involving the drug crystal meth? Are you unsure of what your charges involve? With more than 40 years of experience, at Mack & Stephens, a Luzerne County drug crime lawyer has successfully handled thousands of cases and can counsel you from the initial arrest to the final verdict. Our firm even offers a case evaluation so that you can speak with our attorney about your case before getting started.

Under the Controlled Substance Act it is considered a Schedule II drug. While many turn to this drug for the positive effects they may initially feel, it is extremely dangerous as well as illegal. Those convicted for possessiontrafficking, transporting, or distribution can face high charges including a prison sentence and thousands of dollars in fines.

Aggressive Defense & Proven Results

If you have been arrested on crystal meth drug crime charges, an attorney from our firm can be contacted for help. We are prepared to investigate your case to determine if the law enforcement officers had a warrant to search your property; we will also look for other indications that could be used to help defend you in court.

We have handled thousands of cases for clients, dedicating ourselves to aggressively and fervently defending against any type of criminal accusation that you are now facing. You have rights under the constitution and this involves the right to a trial. Our firm will fight to prove your innocence. Call us any time of day for the aggressive criminal defense that you both need and deserve.