Luzerne County Drug Crime Attorney

Residents of Pennsylvania that are found to be in possession of large quantities of any type of drug, marijuana, LSD, cocaine, etc., will likely be suspected of a drug trafficking and distribution . Unlike simple possession charges that will likely be charged as a misdemeanor, distribution offenses are viewed as much more serious in nature and could result in felonious charges of the highest degree.

United Sates law stipulates that harsh penalties will be paid to those who are found guilty of distributing any type of illegal controlled substance. The type and amount of drug that is associated with your distribution charges will substantially affect the charges that are brought against you.

No matter what your charges entail, you can be sure that the possible consequences of a conviction will reflect the same level of severity that the nature of your criminal drug activity is charged with.

Understanding Charges of Trafficking & Distribution

Drug crime laws can be used to implicate a single person or an entire group of individuals. This is frequently seen in cases of drug distribution, as there are often many people involved in the drug activity described as distribution and/ or trafficking.

If you were involved in behaviors of this nature, whether coerced into a group activity or practicing as a solo entity, there can be no denying that you will require the aggressive tactics that only a Luzerne County criminal defense attorney from our firm can provide.

The distribution of cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana can all put you at great risk of being criminally convicted. While the government is looking to prevent against the countless negative effects that the drug industry has had in the state, increased punishments can often be harsher than what is deserved by those caught distributing these substances.

If you have been served with a warrant, turn to our firm immediately. While simultaneously defending you against interrogations and accusations, we will begin our own investigation including the circumstances of your charges as well as the conduct of the police.

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