Information About Prescription Drug Fraud

Prescription fraud may seem like a less important issue compared to many other types of drug crime charges out there. Oftentimes, people think of drugs such as heroin or crystal meth when they hear that someone has been charged for a drug crime. Prescription fraud, however, is a not only taken seriously by law enforcement, it is a growing issue for many Americans throughout the country.

Prescription fraud has put many people at odds with the law and has given them a criminal record that could follow them for life. Defendants who are convicted of prescription fraud could suffer from a hit to their credit, an inability to find employment, and even an adverse impact on their social life. If this is you and you have been charged, a Luzerne County drug attorney from our firm may be able to protect you against a conviction.

How Drug Fraud Occurs

Prescription fraud is defined by the U.S. Department of Justice as any type of illegal attainment of prescription drugs for personal use or for the means of selling. Some may be addicted to certain types of prescription drugs and commit a crime in an effort to obtain them. They may also shop around to different doctors in order to acquire more drugs than they would otherwise be prescribed by a single doctor.

Persons who have been accused of prescription fraud might be under suspicion of forging a prescription or changing the number of refills that are on the prescription, thus allowing themselves more than the doctor's original prescription intended. Under both state and federal law, these types of actions are illegal and can end in a conviction involving jail time and fines.

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If you have succumbed to prescription drugs and committed a mistake in the process, or you have been wrongfully charged, our team can investigate the grounds of your charge and develop a plan to aggressively challenge the accusations that were made against you. At Mack & Stephens, we have helped many past clients avoid conviction or have their sentence greatly reduced.

With a comprehensive understanding of Pennsylvania laws and the time that we have spent in the court room, we have all the tools needed to successfully defend you. Our law firm has already handled thousands of criminal cases successfully, and we want yours to be our next victory. Through our case evaluation we can evaluate your charges to let you know how we can help. Call us today to begin disputing your charges!