Legally Sealing Your Criminal Record

No one plans on having a criminal record. Unfortunately, circumstances happen and mistakes are made that sometimes lead to a criminal conviction, whether the act that brought you there was intentional or not. For some individuals, the act of expungement provides a legal means to effectively erasing the mark on their criminal record that was unnecessarily made, possibly years ago.

Through the process of expungement, certain criminal offenses committed by first-time offenders can be sealed, making them invisible to any prying eyes. Once a criminal record has been officially sealed through expungement, it will be inaccessible. State and federal repositories that typically make criminal records available will no longer have access to do so. In essence, it will be as if the criminal offense never happened.

Under Pennsylvania law, expungement is permitted for criminal offenses that did not include a conviction. In order to be eligible for expungement through court law, it must be proven that you were never convicted of the crime for which you were accused and that you never pled guilty to that crime.

Individuals who have received expungement in the past will not be permitted to do so again. There are some criminal records that will be ineligible for expungement altogether, including those with a final deposition of Adjudication Withheld.

If you are successful in your appeal for expungement, your criminal record will be limited to the disclosure of the Pennsylvania Bar, the Pennsylvania Bar of Education, and the Pennsylvania Department of Children and Families. Law enforcement officers will also maintain access to this information, but overall the record will remain out of sight.

Wipe your record clean!

Mack Law Offices can help you pursue your interest in the expungement of your legal record. For more than 75 combined years the team of attorneys at our firm has been providing aggressive legal representation to those who need it most.

While a good portion of our everyday work is directed at providing our clients with sound criminal defense that will protect them against the charges they are facing, we also have the knowledge and wherewithal to attend to post-trial matters such as the expungement of a criminal record.

If you were not convicted of the crime for which you were accused, but you are still dissatisfied knowing that a mark on your criminal record was made, we can help you alleviate this problem. We know what it takes to have a record legally expunged and we can help you take the steps to do exactly that.

Day and night, weekdays and weekends, we will be here to help you obtain legal expungement of your case.