Accusations of Child Abuse in Pennsylvania

If you have been accused of child abuse such as molestation than you are looking at a severe set of consequences if you are officially found guilty and a conviction is made. Charges of child molestation imply that you in some way asked or pressured an underage child to partake in sexual activities that they would otherwise not have been involved in. A key element to child abuse charges related to molestation is the fact that the acts were used to achieve sexual stimulation through the involvement of a child or adolescent.

The implications of child molestation charges are so significant that they incur a stiff set of penalties, and the trial procedures leading up to the ultimate verdict are not easy or short-lived. In fact, many defendants are made to endure what seem to be drawn-out sentencing times that could involve invasive investigations which feel more like interrogations than anything else.

If you have been accused of molesting a child in the state of Pennsylvania then you absolutely cannot afford to go undefended. As you navigate your way through the legal proceedings of a sex crime allegation in the state, it will be crucial that you are guided by a Luzerne County criminal defense attorney from our firm. Any attempts to do otherwise could result in negative consequences for you as a defendant. In fact, your chances of obtaining a successful verdict in your case will likely substantially decrease without the knowledgeable experience of a defense lawyer from our firm.

Defense Lawyer for Sex Crime Allegations in Luzerne County

Cases involving sex crime allegations of any nature, particularly those that encompass some sort of child abuse such as molestation will need to be proven in the court of law. Many times, it is the child's word against an adults, as cases of sexual abuse rarely ever involve witness testimonies. Unfortunately, children (especially spiteful or conspiring children) have been known to make false allegations, thereby implicating an innocent adult of a sexual act for which he/she is not truly responsible. Sometimes, court decisions come down to whether or not the child's accusations can be taken as trustworthy and reliable. For the defendant, there is a lot riding on a very little bit of evidence - your entire future could be on the line.

The best way to ensure that you are not wrongfully convicted or punished too harshly for the sex crime that you have been accused of you will be by hiring a defense attorney to represent your case. At Mack Law Offices we are ready to take on the circumstances of your case and work to make them our own as we aid in your defense. We have been doing precisely that for almost four cumulative decades, and our experience speaks for itself. Thousands of cases have been successfully met by our team, and we are unwilling to quit until we can confidently attest that every attempt possible has been made in the defense of your case.

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