Understanding Your Charges

When a sexual act is offered and/or performed in exchange for money it is generally classified as prostitution. Cases involving charges of prostitution can be criminally implicating for the person providing sexual acts in return for money, as well for the person receiving the sexual acts as a favor for the money given to the cause. Like other sex crime offenses in the state of Pennsylvania, if you are charged and found guilty of prostitution, you will be required to register as a national sex offender - a label that is openly accessible for viewing by the public.

First-time prostitution offenses will be penalized differently than second offenses and beyond. Oftentimes, first offenses of prostitution or solicitation of prostitution will be charged as a misdemeanor offense and will result in jail time of less than a year. Mandatory imprisonment will be required of those who have received charges in the past.

Sex Crime Attorney Serving Luzerne County, PA

There is no such thing as "only a misdemeanor offense." Non-felony charges are still very serious in nature and need to be represented with the same legal attention as any other high-status case. Failure on the part of your criminal defense attorney to realize this fact could cause you to lose your case. At Mack Law Offices, we understand just how serious allegations of prostitution are and we are prepared to do everything in our power to protect you from being convicted of the charges you are facing.

With the help of a an experienced Luzerne County criminal defense lawyer from our firm, you can rest assured knowing that a professional who has handled similar cases with success in the past is now working to defend your name and keep you from becoming a statistic that can be used on the tracked list of the nation's sex crime offenders. We have successfully handled thousands of cases in the past, and we are ready to put our experience to work for you! Call us 24 / 7!

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