Defining the Law: Shoplifting

In general, shoplifting is defined as the theft of retail goods from an establishment, and it can be charged as a theft crime. If you have been accused of shoplifting then you should not wait to seek the representation of a skilled Luzerne County criminal defense attorney from our firm.

Also referred to as "boosting," "shrinkage," or "five-finger discount," shoplifting is a common problem within the retail industry and it is an issue for which employees, store managers, and the like are on high alert. However, that does not mean that all accusations of shoplifting are warranted. In fact, the very nature of retail shopping often makes this an area of the law one that can be particularly tricky to navigate without the proper legal defense on your side.

Retail businesses allow customers to peruse their property and physically move items from one end of the store to another; this is the essence of shopping. Unfortunately, this can create a good deal of ambiguity. When carrying a lot of items or walking around a particularly large store, it is common to want to store the items in the most convenient way possible.

However, retail managers and employees may not see it this way. Instead, they may suspect that you are attempting to shoplift. The same could be true of individuals who accidentally walk out of the store unaware that they forgot to replace a small item they may have been toting around during their shopping experience.

What is really a simple mistake can be mis-perceived as a criminal offense. When it comes to shoplifting, the lines are blurred and the chances of being charged are great.

Luzerne County Shoplifting Defense Attorney: The Power to Fight. The Knowledge to Win.

Penalties for shoplifting are deliberately less serious than other theft crime charges. However, this does not mean that they are ones that should go unrepresented by a legal professional in the field. The penalties given to those convicted of shoplifting are made at the discretion of the presiding judge. As such, it is very important that you have sound criminal defense on your side that can help protect you from a harsher set of consequences than you deserve.

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Shoplifting charges may be less serious in nature than other theft crime allegations, but it is still a difficult category of the law to represent. Fortunately, we have mastered the defense of shoplifting cases and we can put our skills to work for you.

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